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The Belfast Daffodil

Nice to Meet You

A Little About Who We Are...

So in April 2018 we were driving down the road in early spring, and saw a garden that had just exploded with daffodils, and thought, “Now wouldn’t it be cool if the entire town looked like that every spring?” Thus was born The Belfast Daffodil Project.

So who are “we”? In reality we are just a bunch of local Belfasters in cahoots with the City and various town organizations. That first year, after a lot of planning and testing out feasibility, we were only able to plant 50,000 bulb. Yeah, that's alot, and we nearly killed ourselves! So we could tell that our dream of a million daffodils was actually possible, but would require tons of effort.

The second year we started to solidify the manner in which we could achieve our goals. While we only got 26,000 bulbs in the ground that fall, we did it in a much more sustainable method, and the word was starting to get out about what we were trying to do. More people came forward to volunteer their time, gardens, and money, and in the Spring of 2020 it was becoming more evident just how amazing the exponential growth of planting so many perennials could be.

We are looking forward to continuing toward our goal, slowly and surely. While we may not get 100,000 bulbs every year for 10 years, we are confident that eventually those 1 million bulbs will be in the ground all over our community. And then we will rest easy, knowing that every year Belfast will be just like that first garden we saw: vibrant, alive, and brimming with hope for what the year has in store.

Our Head Gardeners...

To help with organization, many of Belfast's neighborhoods have a "Head Gardener" that has volunteered to be responsible for collecting bulb orders from anyone in that area. They then collect the bulbs when they are delivered and hand them out to those who ordered them. Our current list of Head Gardeners is as follows:

If you don't see your neighborhood listed here and are interested in becoming the head gardener for your area, please send us an email with your first name, last name, phone number and/or email, and the neighborhood you live in. Afterwards our "Bossy Gardener" will reach out to you with more details about the position! Thanks for your interest and happy planting!

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