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The Belfast Daffodil

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions for us? You've come to the right page! Read on friend.

How do you plant a daffodil?

Great question! To answer it, we caught our founder and CPO (Chief Planting Officer) Elisabeth Wolfe and got some expert tips. Read on:

  1. Dig holes and plant the Daffodil bulbs with their pointed tops UP and 4 - 7 inches below the soil surface with smaller bulbs placed more shallowly than larger ones. Allow about 4 inches between bulbs. Plant early October through late November. Daffodils are tough and can be planted in 100 degree or 40 degree soil.
  2. When in bloom, feel free to cut Daffodil flowers for bouquets. This will not hurt the plants. One caution: Daffodil sap contains a chemical that causes other flowers in the same vase to wilt. This is why you don't see Daffodils mixed with other spring flowers in arrangements.
  3. After blooming has finished for the season, leave the foliage in place; don't cut it off. The leaves will gather sunlight, create food through photosynthesis and strengthen the bulbs for the future.
  4. By late spring or early summer the leaves will yellow and die back as the plants slip into dormancy. Foliage may be removed after mid - June or later.

We plan to catch her on video at one of our planting parties this fall, so stay tuned for that in person tutorial!

Do daffodils come back every year?

Yessirie! Daffodils are perennials, a type of plant that bloom every year from bulbs which survive the winter.

What type of care do daffodils need?

Very little! These hardy little flowers will bloom and grow in all manners of environment. Just be sure to let the green leaves wither before you remove them (3-4 weeks after blooming)

Are daffodils beneficial to the enironment?

They sure are! They perform many essential functions in our ecosphere, such as:

My thumb isn't very green, do I need to plant them myself?

Nope nope nope. The Belfast Daffodil Project has many ways in which you can help us succeed in our goal, not just planting. If you are a local business and have a garden or patch of dirt we could plant daffodils in, click here. If you don't have any extra space, but would like to help us buy more bulbs, you can visit that page here.

Still Have Questions?

No problemo! Click the button below to be linked to our resident daffodilidologist, and they will get back to you as soon as possible!