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The Belfast Daffodil

Get Involved!

We have many ways that you can start helping out with our project.


While daffodil bulbs themselves aren't horribly expensive, getting them in quantities we need would be prohibitive without the help of local citizens and businesses that want to invest. We need help buying the bulbs that will eventually transform our town each spring.

Register to Join a Planting Party

Each fall before our ground hardens, we form small "planting parties" to go out into our community and plant all the new bulbs that have been donated! O' won't you come a'planting with us?

Share Your Garden

If you're a local business, we need more places to plant! If you've got a stretch of land in that you'd like to open up for one of our planting parties, we'd love to hear from you!

Review Us

Have you already been a part of the project? Leave a review here to let us know how things went so that we can improve our systems. Thanks for being part of our community!

Share Our Project With Your Friends!

The more the news of our Project is spread, the more support we will get. This will allow us to hopefully reach our goal of 1,000,000 daffodils even faster! And, perhaps, inspiring other communities to take part in beautying their own communities through the beauty of this hardy plant. Spread the word in whichever way you're most comfortable below:

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