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The Belfast Daffodil

Join a Planting Party

Come Dig in the Dirt With Us!

We're glad you're interested in helping with the "dirty" work! Every year we get thousands of bulbs donated, and we are in constant need of volunteers to come help us put them in the ground. There are two main avenues to get involved with the planting:

Join an "Open" Planting Party

An "Open" Planting Party is one that we or another volunteer have set up to host, and all you have to do is come and help plant! No organization, no planning, just good times with good people with your hands in the dirt. Please visit our calendar HERE to find a Planting Party that fits into your schedule, and then email us (feel free to use the button below). Afterwards we'll get in touch with you to confirm your spot at the Party. Wahoo!

Email Us!

Host Your Own Planting Party

In the past we've had people setting up their own Planting Parties. This could simply be you volunteering to host your own "open" Planting Party. It could also be a private planting event for your family, friends, or even a creative way to conduct a business happy hour! Regardless of how you want to do it, we're so happy that you've chosen to get involved. Email us (or use the link below) with your organization or name, and what you have in mind for your planting party, and we'll help you make it happen!

Email Us!

What to Expect When You Join a Planting Party

More Questions

We understand that there can be alot of questions that need answering before commiting time to any volunteer opportunity. We tried to answer a few of them above, but if there are still some lingering doubts, please don't hesitate to send us an email using the button below:

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